Core competence

Core competence

Yingtong communication is a comprehensive technology company integrating product research and development, manufacturing and sales as well as industrial investment. Products involves three aspects, such as acoustics, signal transmission, data transmission.

  • ID Design Capability

    The company has a professional ID design team, who can provide industrial design services for global companies. Through in-depth and multi-angle market research, Yingtong has designed and developed a series of electro-acoustic products for many well-known customers at home and abroad, which are widely recognized by customers.
  • Devlopment and Research Capability

    The company has accumulated rich experience in acoustics, wireless, software, algorithm, system integration, simulation and other technical fields. It has R&D centers in Dongguan, Wuhan, Xianning, Shenzhen, California in the United States, as well as high-end laboratories, provincial technical engineering centers and R&D buildings. Besides, Yingtong has built a number of industry-university-research platforms with the Institute of Acoustics in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other universities and institutions, which has greatly improved Yingtong's scientific research and development ability and innovation ability.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing Capability

    Through automation, information (SAP, MES and other systems) and machine replacement strategy, the company continuously improve the management ability and customers service ability, improve production fine management, realize the transparent management and digital management of production, realize production process control, quality control, traceability control
  • Quality Control and Test Capability

    The company has abilities of conducting a complete test and evaluation on intelligent headset, data cable, wireless charger, earphone cables. It establishes the quality control and quality assurance system conforming with international standard and establishes a lab with CNAS certification, a silencing room and a listening room. Test items include swing test, tensile test, signal transmission test, corrosion resistance test, acoustic test, etc.

  • Cost Control Capability

    Through the layout of seven production bases and vertically integrated supply chain, the company fully realizes integrated manufacturing from acoustic components to mold design and production, finished product assembly and product testing. Also, the company minimises operating costs through comprehensive budget management of the group.
  • Customer Service Capability

    Companies adhere to the service concept of “being committed to customers’ satisfaction, strive for perfection", insist on the principle of customer-centered, problem-oriented, quickly meet customer delivery requirement, quality requirement, and provide customers with one-stop service continuously to enhance customer value.
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