Critical Technology

Critical Technology

Ying tong has leading RD and manufacturing ability for intelligent electronic parts and signal transmission as well as data transmission products and established a close cooperation with many international and domestic well-known customers.

  • Acoustic technology

    Yingtong has acquired the solutions of acoustic technology for earphones such as dual diaphragm, dynamic & planar diaphragm speakers.

  • Software technology

    Yingtong software team have software design and development experience for earphone ,smart audio & wearable devices with Android/iOS/Linux/RTOS operating systems .moreover, experience of the smart earphone software team covers firmware development based on mainstream audio chip platforms including BES, Qualcomm QCC/CSR, Airoha, Realtek;

  • Algorithm technology

    Our products can achieve perfect voice interaction performance by using environment noise reduction, echo suppression, and AI bone conduction noise reduction algorithm; and can provide excellent acoustic performance with sound processing, sound enhancement, spatial audio algorithm which monitored by  various sensors.

  • Wireless technology

    Yingtong can provide completely solutions for wireless audio products in the field of wireless transmission including wireless audio technology, wireless control technology, and already built a  long-term strategic cooperation with the world's mainstream wireless chip platform.

  • Renewable, Biodegradable technology

    Yingtong is engaged in the development and application for sustainable development materials, and to keep all employees trained and to prevent and control pollution; meanwhile, we strictly obey laws and regulations and implement continuous improvement by continuously development and application for renewable and degradable materials, to promote the sustainable development of enterprises, society and the country.

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