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    Work Experience
  • Investment Manager

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.27-33 years old, bachelor degree or above, master degree is preferred;

    2.At least having 3 years of working experience if with bachelor degree, at least 2 years of working experience if with master degree, including at least having 2 years of working experience in investment related position;

    3.Passing CPA and judicial examination is preferred, or having professional auditor and lawyer working experience;

    4.Having excellent organization skills, coordination skills and communication skills.

    Job Requirements:

    1.Investment research: macro and industry analysis, and issue analysis reports;

    2.Project mining: finding and screening investment opportunities with development potential and investment value.

    3.Project execution: Participate in the writing of project approval documents and investment proposals for investment projects, complete transaction plan design, carry out due diligence work and issue due diligence reports, and promote project implementation;

    4.Post-investment management of investment projects, including project tracking, information disclosure, risk analysis, etc., and put forward management improvement suggestions;

    5.Other matters assigned by the leadership.

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  • Sales assistant
    No limited

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.25-35 years old, college degree or above, can handle daily email and work communication (With English ability is preferred);

    2.Have good communication and coordination ability and can bear hardships and stand hard work.

    3.Be able to complete all work arrangements assigned by superiors, timely report and comply with the company's rules and regulations;

    4.Proficient in various office software and report making, data report sorting and analysis, etc.

    5.Have good data sensitivity and clear logic;

    6.Assist superior to collect customer information and assist superior to make corresponding sales plan and follow up the implementation;

    Job Requirements:

    1. Assist customers in daily work maintenance, new product development communication and internal work coordination;

    2. Assist superior to collect customer information and feedback to superior timely; 

    3. Assist the superior to make monthly, quarterly and annual sales plans for customers, track and record the monthly and report the corresponding differences to the corresponding sales and superiors;

    4. Abide by the rules and regulations of the company and complete the work arrangement assigned by the superior, bear hardships and stand hard work, and assist the superior to complete the report required by the department;

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  • Senior Mechanical Engineer
    5-10 years

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.Junior college degree or above, 30-40 years old, proficient in automation equipment design, with independent machine design experience;

    2.Have experience in the design of automatic equipment used in, such as data cable, semi-finished earphone, finished headset or TWS BT earphone and designed automatic equipment has been used in the market;

    3.Proficient in making reports of equipment structural transformation, equipment optimization, tooling and fixture improvement.

    4.Designers, who designed fixture and automation equipment used in first-line brand projects such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple and VIVO are preferred;

    5.Proficient in SOLIDWORKS, PRO E, UG, AUTO CAD, etc

    6.Fully understand the advanced technology and equipment in the industry, and understand the operating principle of some electrical components;

    Job Requirements:

    1.For the introduction of new projects, take charge of the whole set of fixture design and process optimization;

    2.Evaluate the new equipment to ensure the versatility of the equipment and take charge of the design of the structural changes required when products change .

    3.Make renovation plan and design for idle equipment to improve equipment utilization rate.

    4.Develop, improve and upgrade current fixture according to production process, optimize existing process flow, improve yield and efficiency;

    5.Establish a new optimization template for the existing fixture to make its type unified and standardized;

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  • Overseas Purchasing Manager
    5-10 years

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.26-36 years old. Have bachelor degree or above and Cet 6 or above.

    2.Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing and can communicate with foreign guests in oral and written barrier-free.

    3.2-3 years of overseas experience in purchasing electronic materials or manager of overseas trading company.

    4.Bright, enterprising and innovative. Have strong sense of team work, strong sense of responsibility, excellent language expression and communication skills and quick handling of affairs.

    Job Requirements:

    1.Have strong execution, being rigorous, hard-working, aspirant, and able to work overtime spontaneously, devoted to work. Being proficient in procurement business and skills, and cultivate the integrity of procurement staff sentiment.

    2.Have certain experience and expertise in material cost accounting, and have a strong sense of crisis for cost.

    3.Lead supplier quality, delivery, price negotiation and establish and improve material supply system to improve factory profit.

    4.Make and follow up shipment plan, coordinate international logistics and transportation process to prevent and avoid customs risks.

    5.Coordinate the work of overseas factories and domestic departments, standardize and optimize export trade process to improve work efficiency.

    6.Have a big picture view and consider and deal with problems from company view. Have strong organization, coordination, communication and negotiation skills.

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  • EE
    1-3 years

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.College degree or above, aged 25-40, majoring in electronics and telecommunications.

    2. Familiar with product development of Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G, TWS, headphones, in-line headphones, noise-canceling headphones, etc..

    3. Experience in product testing and certification. Familiar with EMC, EMI and other certification standards, have a certain experience in noise cancelling headphone simulation and debugging, familiar with electronic product manufacturing process, quality requirements, test automation.

    4. Proficient in using AD to draw circuit boards.

    Job Requirements:

    1.Responsible for the hardware design and follow-up of new and derivative projects of TWS, ANC of BES RealTek Series or Qualcomm QCC304X/514X Series or Airoha AB155X/62 Series.

    2.Able to independently use AD for circuit design, LAYOUT debugging, sample production, trial production and mass production technical problem solving.

    3.Participate in new product quotations and design reviews.

    4.Provide electronic design process control documentation.

    Please send your resume

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